clinical anatomy (1)

clinical anatomy

“Bones, Joints and Ligaments is the first part of the Clinical Anatomy series that combines the visual aspects of an anatomical atlas with the clarity of textual based anatomy. 

- Systematic classification for easy localization of structure 
- Simple and logical flowing structural organization of texts that allows efficient learning 
- Over 50 easy to flow charts that emphasize the subclass localization of anatomical structures 
- Clinical comments to emphasize importance of subtle structures that easily correlate with covered material in many licensing and board exams 
- Helpful mnemonics to assist in memorizing complicated anatomical concepts 
- Additional topographical notes to highlight surgical identification of structures 
- Over 200 original and purpose designed paintings, drawings and pictures 
- Pictures illustrating clinical cases and outcomes 
- Tables summarizing bone articulation for quick memorization 
- Bones presented from many spatial views not traditionally used in anatomy text books.

Oprawa: e-book, 219 str.,
ISBN: 83-89009-37-4